Ralph Moffat: Medieval Arms and Armour – A Sourcebook

Ralph Moffat:

Ralph Moffat: „Medieval Arms & Armour: A Sourcebook. Volume I: The 14th Century“. Boydell & Brewer 2022.

Volume I: The Fourteenth Century

The past speaks to us in many forms, through texts and images, works of art, objects, buildings, and even landscapes. In order for us to speak about history we need to consult these witnesses of times gone by, ask the right questions, and weigh the answers.
But first of all, we need to be aware of their existence, to locate and access them, which in the case of thousands of texts that may or may not contain relevant information to our subject(s) of study will not always be easy.
Lucky for us if someone else has already done it – which is essentially where Ralph Moffat comes in. His latest work is a collection of primary sources on medieval arms and armour – i.e. a selection of various texts showcasing they way medieval contemporaries spoke about arms and armour, in which contexts they did so, which terms, descriptions, and definitions they used, and much more. This first (of three) volume is dedicated to the 14th Century, a phase of change and innovation in the world of medieval weaponry, and also a time which saw a massive increase in the production of written records.